Exhibit Specifications


Exhibit Specifications and Contents:

  • 3000 – 3500 Square feet less if wall units can be double hung.
  • 50 Linear feet of wall space that need not be contiguous
  • 4 venue provided floor display cases
  • Lighting fixtures or spots for low-level light is preferred
  • Discovery, Trilobite Preparation, Trilobite Gallery and Artifact & Education sections
  • 8 Floor Exhibit Cases
  • 7 Wall unit Exhibit Panels
  • 18 Wall Artifact Exhibit Cases
  • 4 Fine Art Frames
  • 5 Descriptive Wall Plaques
  • Multi–media audio and video
  • Ancient Devonian Sea Mural
  • 7-foot long Trilobite Timeline
  • Two Pre Exhibit free standing advertising banners.
  • One Hanging Wall banner “Coming Soon”


Exhibit includes:

63 Actual Cambrian Trilobite Specimens
63 Actual Ordovician Trilobite Specimens
29 Actual Silurian Trilobite Specimens
55 Actual Devonian Trilobite Specimens
2 Actual Carboniferous Trilobite Specimens


Exhibit Components:
Trilobite Treasures – Arthropods of the Ancient Sea


Section 1 – Exhibit Entry & Introduction

1.00 Entry Panel (Wall Mounted)
1.00.00 Trilobite Banner, advertising, Coming Soon
1.00.01 Two Trilobite Stand Banners, advertising
1.00.2 Penn Dixie and Reedops Wall Banners
1.01.01 Trilobite Entry Panel
1.02 TERATASPIS grandis , giant Trilobite life size model (Wall Mounted)


Section 2 – Discovery

2.00 Title Plaque text panel (Wall Mounted)
2.01 DaVinci Quote text panel (Wall Mounted)
2.01.01 Trilobite Timeline (7-foot Wall Mounted Panel
2.02 Types of Rock (Pedestal Mounted)
2.02.1 Chart of Geological Time (Wall Mounted)
2.03 How Did It Get This Way? (Wall Mounted)
2.04 What is an Arthropod? text panel and Specimen case(Wall Mounted)
2.05 What is a Trilobite text panel (Wall Mounted)
2.05.1 Trilobite Anatomy Trilobite Appendages (Wall Mounted)
2.05.2 Trilobite Anatomy Molting and Enrollment (Wall Mounted)
2.06 Trilobite “Life Model” (Wall Mounted Case)
2.06.1 Trilobite Predator Floor Case
2.07 Joachim Barrande (Wall Mounted Panel)
2.08 Joachim Barrande Bust (Floor Display Case)


Section 3 – Trilobite Preparation

3.00 Title Plaque (Wall Mounted)
3.01 Wall Case Trilobites in Shale (Wall Mounted)
3.02 Wall Case Trilobites in Limestone (Wall Mounted)
3.03 Tools of the Trade (Wall Mounted)
3.04 Final Preparation Tools (Wall Mounted)
3.04.01 Video Monitor and DVD Player – Preparing a Trilobite (Wall Mounted)


Section 4 – Trilobite Gallery

4.00 Title Plaque (Wall Mounted)
4.00.01 Wall Mural Devonian Sea
4.00.02 Wall Mural Ordovician Sea
4.01 Trilobites of the Barrandian panel (Wall Mounted)
4.02 Trilobites of the Czech Republic (Venue provided case)
4.02.1 Mass Mortality Czech Trilobites (Floor case)
4.03 Trilobites of Oklahoma (Floor case)
4.04 Trilobites of Caleb’s Quarry (Venue provided case)
4.04.01 Video Monitor and DVD Player – Silurian Trilobites (Wall Mounted)
4.04.02 Silurian Mass Mortality
4.05 Trilobites from Around the World (Venue provided case)
4.05.1 Trilobites around the United States (Venue provided case)
4.06.1 Isotelus maximus (Floor case)
4.06.2 Penn Dixie Case with Specimens (Wall Mounted case)
4.06.03 Ellipsocephalus Czech Mass Mortality
4.07 Moroccan Trilobites (Floor Case)
4.08 OLENELLUS fremonti (Floor case)
4.09 Exotic Russian Trilobites (Floor case)
4.10 Triarthrus Lighted Case (Wall Mounted)
4.11 Ancient New York Wall Text Panel
4.12 Genus Calymene Trilobites


Section 5 – Artifacts & Education

5.00 Title Plaque (Wall Mounted)
5.01 Wall Case Isabelinia Artifact (Wall Mounted)
5.02 Russian Trilobites and Asaphides Evolution (Venue provided case)
5.03 Books & Resources (Venue provided case)
5.04 Artifact Case (Venue provided case)
5.05 Framed Art Pen and Ink Drawing (Wall Mounted)
5.06 Framed Art Zdenek Burien 2 Lithograph prints (Wall Mounted)
5.07 Framed Copper Sculpture (Wall Mounted)
5.08 Framed Lithograph prints (3 Wall Mounted)
5.09 “Trilobite Larvae” newly discovered (Wall Mounted)
5.10 Trilobite Education Card 1949 Turtox (Wall Mounted)
5.11 Trilobite Hologram


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